About Us

The fanzania journey

How it all started

In 2007, while the cricket World Cup was underway in West Indies, we played our first fantasy cricket league. What began as a way to recover from India’s early departure from the tournament, had become a part of our lives at the end of those two months. Over the next 10 years, fantasy sports brought the five of us together, several times in a year. Our passion for fantasy sports only grew as we played almost every big cricket and football tournament that came our way. Fantasy sports had become not just a source of fun and entertainment but, more importantly, had become an integral part of our lives (something our spouses have to live with now).

Why we started fanzania

We have played fantasy sports on several websites, and we thoroughly enjoyed playing on each of these. However, as our passion for fantasy sports grew over the years, we craved for more interesting features. We eagerly hoped for new and exciting features to appear in these websites but our patience eventually ran out. Last year, in 2018, the five of us decided to build our very own fantasy sports app - fanzania was born.

What we want to build

At fanzania, we have a clear vision that is born from our very own needs as fantasy players. This vision is to provide fantasy sports players a truly enriching and fun filled experience through innovative playing features. We want to raise the bar for fantasy sports platforms globally, and we want to do this by passionately bringing to life the best of our ideas. We have a lot more to our story. If you would like to know more or have any suggestions, give us a shout here. We always love a nice chat. To wrap up, we would like to say something cheesy to get your attention - join fanzania today with your family, friends or colleagues, and improve your bonding with your near and dear ones. It’s about time to play some smart fantasy sports now.

fanzania is owned and operated by Yorker Games LLP.

Our Team

Jattin specializes in death overs acceleration in fantasy cricket and his abilities to fire back after interval is the most dreaded among opponents. Jattin’s career spans 10 years of successful P&L ownership & acquisition/sales negotiations across Europe & Asia, focused on retail & e-commerce businesses. Jattin has completed his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Delhi University and MBA from University of Cambridge. Jattin is currently handling the European Strategic Vendor Management for Amazon Fashion at Munich, Bavaria, Germany.

Guru is a natural champion and a great strategist in fantasy cricket, his ardent and winning tactics are respected within the opponents’ fraternity. He trusts his players and gives them enough opportunity to perform and earn him points unlike others. Guru is a right arm medium fast bowler and enjoys playing the sport on ground as much as he does online. Guru currently works with a management consulting firm based out of London. Guru has received his Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications from R.V. College of Engineering, India and his MBA degree from University of Cambridge, UK.

Neeraj banks on those few key matches that turn the tables for him in fantasy cricket. His ability to overtake any opponent overnight is the most dreaded among the top ranking players in the league. Neeraj is a left hand opening batsman and a right hand medium fast bowler and has represented his organization in Minneapolis Cricket League in US. Neeraj has over 15 years of experience in managing IT Infrastructure engagements and providing innovative solutions to customers. Neeraj is currently working as a Senior Manager, specializing in Robotic Process Automation and Cloud IaaS Solutions. Neeraj has completed his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from P.E.S. Institute of Technology, Bangalore.

Rajib “Da”, is a very hard working fantasy player. His instincts on team selection surprises many and on a given day he can be the king of the league and rule for ever. Rajib is a sportsman himself and has the stamina to play a cricket match in the morning and a football match in the evening. He is a dynamic right hand opening batsman and represented his organization in many cricket leagues in US and India. Rajib is currently Assistant Vice President - Architect at LPL Financial in Charlotte, North Carolina Area, specializing in business process automation, enterprise application integration (EAI), process improvement, systems integration, requirements analysis, leadership, testing/quality assurance, software development, customer service. Rajib has completed his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from BEC, Howrah.

Sam is a natural winner in the game of fantasy cricket. He has a unique style of gauging the strengths of players and his instincts supports him most of the time. His stickiness with the top three positions in all the leagues is envied by many. Sam is a dynamic left hand opening batsman who has single handedly won many crucial matches in numerous tournaments. Sam has completed his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from P.E.S. Institute of Technology, Bangalore. He is currently a Director in Robin Precision Products Pvt. Ltd at Rajkot Gujarat. With his extensive experience, Sam oversees the sale and marketing of Solid Carbide Cutting Tools & Machine Tools Accessories at Bloodtools.