How to play

  • Introduction

  • fanzania is the new bee in the global sports arena and aims at inviting real fantasy sport lovers to join us and showcase their skills in sports leveraging their domain knowledge in strategizing to create a winning fantasy team and compete with their buddy as opponents thus enjoy every moment while playing fantasy games. Your team will earn points based on the performance of players in your team during real-life matches in an ongoing tournament. It is time to display your skill and bask in your glory!!

  • Register your Name

    You can register your name in no time with your Name, Email and Password or using social media login like google or facebook.

  • Join a Tournament

    You can join a tournament from a list of available tournament once you registered.

  • Create Your Team

    Use your sports knowledge and showcase your skills to create your fanzania team within a budget of 1M credits.

  • Join a League

    You can create your own league and invite your buddies to play with you in that league. Alternatively you can join an existing league via a PIN shared with you by the league administrator (this could be your friend or acquaintance who has already created a league). You can compete with your own friends in the same league. Live scoring capability will provide you track your league position real time compared to all in a league. At the end of each match, every user will be able to see his/her individual position in the league based on points earned up until the end of the concluded match.

  • Follow the Match

    Watch the real match and track your fantasy scorecard (updated every few minutes).

  • Create My Team

  • Join a Tournament

    You can select a tournament from available tournament list once you register. You can join multiple tournaments with same login.

  • Create a Team

    You can create a single team for entire tournament with your login so that it is easy to manage with less time spent. But you can create different team for other tournament you may join.

    Select players for your fanzania team from all 4 of the categories mentioned below:

    WK - Wicket-keeper

    BAT - Batsmen

    BWL - Bowlers

    AR - All-rounders

    You can check player info by clicking on the 'i' next to the player name.

    You can filter players by their category or team name and apply sort based on players’ price tag. Number of players in your team should be exactly 11 as usual, should not exceed your available budget. Once your total available transfers is exhausted (becomes zero) at any point in a given tournament, you will not be able to make any more transfers. So play smart with your own strategy during the course of the tournament.

    Cutoff to submit your team for a match is before the original scheduled start of that match for the changes to take effect for that match.

    You need to adhere to one of the following valid team combination (comprising of 11 players):


    ** Note that you can choose maximum 6 players from same team and a maximum of 4 or 5 overseas players as per actual tournament rules.

  • Select Team’s Captain & Vice Captain

    After creating your team, choose a Captain & Vice Captain for the team.

    Captain - Gets 2x points scored by him in the actual game.

    Vice Captain - Gets 1.5x points scored by him in the game. Hence you have to select/change Captain, Vice Captain just before the start of the game.

  • Select ‘Power Play’ Mode

    You can select one of three types of Power Play for a given game provided you have not used that option before at any game.

    Nitro – Gets 2x points for entire team if enabled for that game.

    Ultra Captain – will double both your Captain (C) and Vice Captain (VC) points.

    Pain Killer – will add 2X of points for the player who scored highest point in that game even though he is not part of your original team for that game. Note that these points will be added even in a scenario where this player is already in your team. For Example, highest scorer got 100 points in that match, Pain Killer will give user 2x100 = 200 points.

  • fanzania Points System

  • Here’s how your fanzania team earns Fantasy points:

    Type of PointsT20ODITest
    Every run scored111
    Every wicket taken (excluding run out)252525
    Catch taken101010
    Stumping/ Run Out (direct)101010
    Dismissal for a Duck (only for batsmen, wicket-keepers and all-rounders)-10-10-10

  • Bonus Points:

    Type of PointsT20ODITest
    Every four hit222
    Every six hit353
    Half Century252020
    75 runs353020
    Maiden Over20102
    Each Dot Ball Bowled200
    2 wickets25105
    3-4 wickets401510
    5 wickets or more704035
    Player of the Match(POTM)303550


    60 pts if POTM is your Captain (C)

    40 pts if POTM is your Vice Captain (VC)

    30 pts if POTM is in your team but neither as C or VC

    Note: As per existing rules, points form C(i.e. 2x)/VC (i.e. 1.5x) and PowerPlays will be added on top of the above base points.

  • Economy Rate:

    Type of PointsT20ODITest
    Minimum overs bowled by player to be applicable235
    Economy rate below 4 (which is 3.99 or less)402010
    Economy rate from 4 to 4.99351510
    Economy rate from 5 to 5.9925105
    Economy rate from 6 to 8.992050
    Economy rate from 9 to 10.995-10-20
    Economy rate from 11 to 12.99-10-20-30
    Economy rate 13 or up-20-30-40

  • Strike Rate:

    Type of PointsT20ODITest
    Min balls faced or Min Run for SR8|1515|2020|20
    Strike rate below 50-25-20-10
    Strike rate from 50 to 69.99-20-15-10
    Strike rate from 70 to 89.99-15-100
    Strike rate from 90 to 99.9901020
    Strike rate from 100 to 129.99152035
    Strike rate from 130 to 149.99203040
    Strike rate 150 or up304050

  • Points to remember:

    The cricketer you choose to be your fanzania Team’s Captain will receive 2x the points of entire game.

    The Vice Captain will receive 1.5x times the points for his performance in the game.

    MoM will earn additional bonus points as per above table on top of what he/she is scoring.

    Nitro – Gets 2x points for entire team if enabled for that game.

    Ultra Captain – will double both your Captain (C) and Vice Captain (VC) points.

    Pain Killer – will add 2X of points for the player who scored highest point in that game even though he is not part of your original team for that game. Note that these points will be added even in a scenario where this player is already in your team. For Example, highest scorer got 100 points in that match, Pain Killer will give user 2x100 = 200 points.

  • Postponed/cancelled matches

    In the event that a match starts, but does not finish (i.e. if a 'No Result' is declared), all players will score points for that match up to that long.

    If a match is decided by the Duckworth-Lewis method, all players will score points earned during the match, up to that long.

    In case the match stands cancelled, the 'transfers' used by you will not be reverted

    In case of any transfer of a real-life player in the intervening period between scheduled updates, such transfer shall not be reflected in the roster of players until the next scheduled update. Please note that while the transferred player will be available for selection in the transferred team's roster of players in a Contest during the intervening period, no points will be attributed to such transferred player in the course of such contest.

  • FAQs

  • How do I register ?

    That’s real simple! Log on to fanzania, register yourself by filling out a valid email id, name and setting a password or you can also join via social media like google or facebook login information. After you are done with the registration, you can follow simple starter guide ‘How to Play’, which will walk you through the steps of creating your Fantasy Cricket Team and joining Tournament and league contests.

  • Why can’t I login to my account ?

    Please check whether your registered email address and password are entered correctly and email address is verified once to activate. If you've forgotten your password, click on 'Forgot Password', enter your registered email ID and we’ll send you your new temporary password within a few minutes. If you've forgotten your registered email id, reach out to us at 'Contact Us'. Our Customer Care team will be more than happy to assist you.

  • How do I change my password ?

    When you are logged in, head to ‘My Profile’, select ‘Change Password’ & click on ‘Save Changes’.

  • How many Fantasy Cricket teams can I create with the same email Id ?

    You can create only one login account with one email id on fanzania. Creation of multiple accounts by an individual is strictly prohibited and violates our FairPlay policy. You can create one team per tournament you joined once you logged in. This means you can create multiple team for multiple tournament at the same time.

  • How can I update my Personal Information ?

    Once you logged in to fanzania, you can go to ‘My Profile’ section to update/edit most of your personal information you entered prior.You can edit Name, mobile, date of birth, address/state, but you won’t be able to change email id or team name under a tournament.

  • I did not get any email with changed password ?
    • • It could have been marked as Spam mail by your mailbox. Please check your spam mail and mark the email from fanzania as ‘Not Spam’. Also, add to your contacts so that you receive our email the next time.

    • • You may have entered a different email id than the one used by you during registration. For any assistance, please send us an email at ‘Contact Us’.

  • I don't know much about Fantasy cricket - can I still play.

    If you are not too sure about your cricket knowledge, don’t worry. You can gain some valuable experience and knowledge as you play more Fantasy Cricket. You can also check out our 'How to Play' section once. Most interestingly there is nothing to loose at your end.

  • How many transfers are available to me ?
    • • Between the start and end of the Group phase of the tournament, users are allowed to make up to 'n' transfers(based on tournament) in total.

    • • After the Group phase and start of the first Qualifier, users can again make unlimited transfers to their team.

    • • Once qualifier started users can make up to 'n' transfers(based on tournament) into their team.

    • Transfers must be made ahead of the scheduled start of a match, will be active for that match. Any transfer made after start of each game will be reflected for next game.

      Any user joining in the middle of the tournament(while tournament is in progress) are allowed to do unlimited transfers until he plays his first match of the tournament. Once his first match with own team is started, his transfer count will start.

  • What is a Power Player ?

    Once you have selected your team, you can select one of three Power Player(Nitro, Pain Killer, Ultra Captain)!! Your Power Player may score more points (including negative points), and could be the difference between success and failure, so choose carefully!!

    You can change your Power Player at any time. Changes must be made ahead of the scheduled start of each match to take effect for the upcoming match.

  • What is the deadline for making changes ?

    Transfers must be confirmed right before the scheduled start time of a match in order to be active for that match.

  • What happens if a match is cancelled or postponed ?
    • • In the event that a match starts, but does not finish (i.e. if a 'No Result' is declared), all players will score points for that match upto that long.

    • • If a match is decided by the Duckworth-Lewis method, all players will score points earned during the match, upto that long.

    • • In case the match stands cancelled, the 'transfers' used by you will not be reverted.

  • What happens if a match goes to a Super Over ?

    In the event of a Super Over, Points will not be awarded for super over play.

  • How do I create my own league ?

    Click on 'Create League' from the Leagues tab.

    Choose a name, motto for your League and choose Save League.

    A league pin will be generated for you to share with your buddies. Invite them to join your league. You can create as many leagues as you want.

  • How do I join a League ?

    If you wish to join an existing league, you'll just need the League pin from the owner who created the league. Choose 'Join League' from the 'My Leagues' section of the menu and enter league pin to join.

  • The league pin that my friend gave me are not working ?

    Make sure you have typed the correct pin. pin input is case sensitive, so make sure to enter exact value.

  • How 'Average Points' is being calculated ?

    For a given match it is total points earned by all the teams participating in that match divided by total number of teams. For example, 5 teams scored total 1500 points, then average points will be 1500 divide 5 = 300 for that match.

  • How League Rank is being calculated ?

    League having more than 2 teams in it is eligible for this league rank calculation. We consider all teams Total points in a particilar league and average out to put League's Total points + League Weightage(which is (Number of teams in League) * 10). For example, we have 5 teams in a league with Total points 100, 200, 300, 400, 0 respectively then League points will be average of all which is 200 + League Weightage 5*10 = 250. Based on this League points legaue rank is calculated.

  • How Many Transfers are allowed for WC 2024?

    Total 100 (Group) + 30 (Super 8s) + 8 (Knock-outs) trasnfers will be allowed and there is reset period after every stage.

  • What is fanzania Referral and What is in it for you ?

    You can find your unique fanzania referral code under your Profile section. You can share your fanzania referral code with your friends inviting them to join fanzania. For every 5 of your referrals registered on fanzania using your referral code you will be rewarded with a gift worth INR 100. You can make any number of referrals.

  • What is the fanzania Wallet?

    fanzania Wallet is a scheme that aims to further enrich your experience playing on fanzania. Its your single-stop for viewing your overall playing performance and for accessing your rewards across Match Contests, Tournaments and referrals. You can access fanzania Wallet from within your Profile page.

  • How does fanzania Wallet work?

    You get 10% of your Match Contests and Tournaments points. For example, if you score 20K points in a tournament, you get 2K points in your wallet. Based on the number of wallet points you collect you are assigned a tier. There are four tiers: Bronze(achieved at 0 points), Silver(at 5K points) , Gold (at 10K points) and Platinum (at 20K points). All new members start at Bronze tier. Note that points are reset to 0 at the start of each membership year. For example, if you joined fanzania on 15 MAR then your wallet points are reset to 0 points on 15 MAR of every year. Membership year window is unique to each user. Note that for our existing users we have set the start of the membership year window to 1 MAR.

  • How do I maintain or move up wallet tiers?

    Your status at the end of the current membership year is carried forward to the next membership year. To maintain or move up tiers, you need to collect the necessary points required for that tier. If you are unable to collect the necessary points in the ongoing membership year, your status drops by one tier when entering the subsequent membership year.

  • How can I access my rewards in fanzania Wallet?

    You can access the rewards you have won in the previous 12 months by scrolling down to the 'Rewards' section of the wallet.

  • What are the various modes that fanzania offers to play fantasy cricket ?

    fanzania offers two modes for playing fantasy cricket: Tournament Mode and Match mode.

  • What is Tournament mode?

    Tournament mode can be compared with Test cricket, i.e. elegant and classic. There are few of us who have always played the classic tournament mode for more than a decade. Tournament mode allows a user to play fantasy cricket for an entire tournament with a predefined set of transfers to make through the tournament. Tournament mode also offers the users to play in a private league of their own with their close friends with similar passion for playing fantasy cricket. fanzania Tournament mode offers many new features like the use of 3 power plays, live score, statistics and many more.

  • What is Match mode?

    Match mode is can be compared with T20 cricket, i.e. short, power packed and 3 hours of madness. This mode has been designed for users who cannot spare dedicated time to play an entire tournament but would like to play in a global league for a match of their choice. The match mode enables users to be engaged in short quick stints based on available time. fanzania offers many innovative features for match mode like some fun facts never heard of. Users stand a chance to win exciting prizes.

  • What are the rules for creating a team in the Match mode?

    A user can have a maximum of 8 players from a single team in a given match with one Wicket-keeper, 1 – 3 all-rounders, 3 - 5 bowlers and 3 - 5 batsmen.

  • How are Captain and Vice-Captain points calculated in the Match mode?

    A user will get 2x points scored by his captain and 1.5x points scored by his vice-captain where x denotes the number of fanzania points scored by the respective players.

  • How do I check if I am eligible for a reward ?

    You can navigate to your “My Wallet” section on you fanzania profile and view your rewards under the “My Rewards” section. You should be able to see a breakdown of all your rewards won.

  • How is my rank calculated in Match mode ?

    fanzania uses a unique ranking system in the Match Contest Mode ensuring that no two players share the same rank. Prizes are distributed based on this unique rank, that is calculated using the following criteria:

    Criteria 1: Total Points earned – The team earning the most points ranks higher than the others. In case the Total Points earned by two teams are tied then the following three additional Criteria are applied to decide the unique rank.

    Criteria 2: Captain’s Points - If two teams earn the same total points, then the team whose captain scores the most points ranks higher than then other team.

    Criteria 3: Vice-Captain’s Points - If two teams earn the same Total Points and their Captains also score the same points then, the team whose Vice-Captain scores the most points ranks higher than the other team.

    Criteria 4: fanzania Team Creation time - If two teams have the same Total Points, Captain’s points as well as Vice Captain’s points, then the team that was created in fanzania first ranks higher than the other team.

    We do not anticipate Criteria 4 to be the same for any two players and the buck stops here !

  • How does money WITHDRAW process work in fanzania Wallet page?

    Only Indian users having valid India bank account will be eligible for money WITHDRAW feature in fanzania Wallet page. You need to download latest andoid version(1.2.3 or up) or use fanzania website for this.

    In KYC Verification page, User needs to submit their KYC details including PAN card photograph for verification purpose. This process may take several days to get approved by fanzania team. Once KYC details are approved, you need to verify your phone number by OTP process(immediate). Once phone number is verified, you can submit your Bank information details for verification purpose(immediate).

    Once your bank details are valid and verified and you have some money(minimum INR 100 to maximum INR 10,000 to withdraw in a day) in your wallet to WITHDRAW , button will be enable in Wallet page for you.

    When you WITHDRAW some valid amount of money using our WITHDRAW feature, you will get successful email and notification in fanzania. Each Withdrawal may take several hours to reflect in your Bank account.

    Now on fanzania will discontinue issuing amazon vouchers for all winners. In case of any question or concern related to this, you should get in touch with fanzania support team for further help!

  • What is Powerplay Lifeline?

    Lifeline gives you the option to replay your PowerPlays one additional time. Upon saving, any previously scored bonus points will be nullified when this option is used. PowerPlays for which you use the Lifeline option will be available for reuse as normal in the ‘Team Manager’ screen. You can choose to reuse anytime over the course of the tournament and the same rules as with the original PowerPlays will apply. PowerPlay Lifeline feature is only available for any type of subscribed users only.

  • Refund & Cancellation Policy
    fanzania maintains a transparent refund policy to help our loyal Users. Our guidelines for refund policy has been outlined below:
    • • A Subscription fee once paid is final and no cancellation is permissible.

    • • fanzania may, in certain exceptional circumstances and at its sole and absolute discretion, refund the amount to the User after deducting applicable cancellation charges and taxes.

    • • fanzania reserves the right to cancel or change any premium features or services without giving any prior notice or reason.

    • • The User acknowledges that any transactions done on the fanzania platform may take up to 24-48 hours to be processed due to the time taken for bank reconciliations and other such external third party dependencies.

    • • Any amount paid or transferred into the User's Wallet may take up to 24-48 hours to reflect in the User’s wallet account balance.

    • • Any money debited from User’s Wallet may take up to 24-48 hours to reflect in the User's wallet account balance.

    • • Users agree not to raise any complaint or claim against fanzania in respect of any delay, including any lost opportunity to join any Match Contest or Tournament Match due to a delay in any credit to the User wallet (whever applicable).

    • For any issues, you can contact us on